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Our mission is to offer the highest quality of food products with commitment premium ingredients and utilizing the most advanced technologies and breakthroughs in the food industry.

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Our vision is to be the leading manufacturer and supplier of ambient food needs in the growing MENA market and beyond while keeping our extremely high standards of quality and ensuring our customers' satisfaction.

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Innovation, quality, and integrity are the pillars of our excellence, we never compromise when it comes to quality or to customers' satisfaction.

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Technology & Production Capabilities

Utilizes the most advanced machinery and production techniques available, equipped with the latest processing facilities and automated machinery. Our tins are coated with a food-grade lacquer which prevents any Interaction between the food and the tin, providing our consumers with high quality and safe products

Quality and Traceability

Applies the most strict standards for control and traceability. We guarantee traceability across all value chain levels and an exceptionally high level of food safety for the consumer. The ability to track and trace raw materials, ingredients, and products through all stages of production and distribution are vital for our consumers' health & safety. 

We rigorously inspect the crops before we even make the decision to use them in our production and definitely this is done using the most effective protocols of food plant inspection that ensure the fastest inspection processes while keeping the quality standards as high as they can be. 

Our sampling is done in both a controlled and random manner to ensure that we can get the best possibility of detecting any defects.

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1. We established in 2017 In Saudi, Riyadh to penetrate the canned food sector with a state of art factory.
We aim to be the premier manufacturer and supplier of all ambient food needs in the MENA region while keeping high standards for quality and ensuring customer satisfaction.
We have a wide range of canned products like Fava Beans, Sweet corn, Red Kidney beans, chickpeas, Baked Beans & tomato paste under Al Rabee & Prime Valley brands.